June 10, 2020

First Year Master’s Students Belong to Prof. Inoue’s Laboratory

First year master’s students, Mr. Fujino and Mr. Yamato were assigned to Prof. Inoue’s laboratory. Two students are also doing research which takes computational scientific approach related to society, as well as Prof. Inoue’s laboratory’s previous research. Prof. Inoue commented that, though there might be some difficulties in guidance due to online seminar, he is willing...

Adopted to Research Project for COVID-19

Prof. Inoue was adopted to research project about COVID-19, which University of Hyogo made a public offering. Prof. Inoue’s research related to economic influence by COVID-19 have already been supported by many institutions such as Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, but this budget support by the university can promote further research more.