April 1, 2021

Research was Picked Up on Portal Site of CEPR

Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) is world’s largest community among researchers. Prof. Inoue’s research ( Inoue, H, Y Murase and Y Todo (2020), “Do Economic Effects of the Anti-Covid-19 Lockdowns in Different Regions Interact through Supply Chains?” RIETI Discussion Paper, 21-E-001, Trade Research Institute for Economy, and Industry.) was picked up on its portal...

Presentation at DRIS 10th Joint Workshop

Prof. Inoue had a presentation at 10th Joint Workshop, held by Disaster Reduction Information Systems (DRIS). The presentation was about disaster simulation based on comprehensive supply chain data, researched by Prof. Inoue and Prof. Todo of Waseda University. Prof. Inoue commented that the workshop was quite enlightening for him since many researches presented at the...

Invited Lecture at Seminar of OECD

Prof. Inoue was invited to a seminar, hosted by New Approaches to Economic Challenges (NAEC) initiative of OECD and had a presentation there. Many lectures were state-of-the-art research, taking new approaches using Agent-based model and network to remedy a defect of current framework of economics. NAEC Innovation Lab – New Approaches for Economic ChallengesThe NAEC...

Invited Lecture at The 3rd R-CCS International Symposium

Prof. Inoue was invited to and had a lecture at The 3rd R-CCS International Symposium. It was a very awe-inspiring opportunity for him to join such a symposium where many famous professors and researchers in computational science gathered. The 3rd R-CCS International SymposiumThe 3rd R-CCS International Symposium

Two Supporting Technologists were Transferred

Two technologists from MEITEC, Mr. Tsumuro and Mr. Koga, who have supported Prof. Inoue’s lab were transferred due to contract expiration. Prof. Inoue commented that many researches was promoted thanks to them and hopes for their future success. (Two centered in the picture below.)

Completion of Mr. Yamada, a Second Year Master’s Student Belonging to Prof. Inoue’s Laboratory

Mr. Yamada, a second year Master’s student who belongs Professor Inoue’s laboratory, has completed his master’s course. He has got the top-seat for scholastic attainments this year and was the General Secretary. Prof. Inoue, though had some handful memory with him, expects his further success.