March 30, 2022

Two Master’s Students Presented at the Physical Society of Japan

Mr. Hiroto Nakagori and Mr. Ryuki Yamamoto, first-year master students from our lab, gave presentations at the Physical Society of Japan. Below are their research topics. Hiroto Nakagori, Hiroyasu Inoue, Daigo Umemoto, and Nobuyasu Ito, “Traffic Volume Prediction Using Neural Network Considering Spatio-Temporal Characteristics,” The 77th Annual Meeting of the Japan Physical Society, 2022/3/15-19. Ryuki...

Mr. Yamato Completed His Studies in Master’s Course

Mr. Yamato completed his master’s course. He worked on classifying Twitter data into political affiliations with machine learning. He worked hard to advance his study based on the research topic he had selected by himself. I believe he has learned a lot from his struggle and the experience would be useful for his future.

New Paper “The Role of Face-to-face Contact in Innovation: The Evidence from the Spanish Flu Pandemic in Japan” Published

Using the Difference In Difference methodology during the Spanish flu pandemic, the study carefully examines how joint application activities were inhibited by the pandemic. This is the first empirical study in Japan we developed based on the long-term, since the Meiji period, patent data. The study provides valuable insights useful for studies on the effect...

Prof. Inoue Received a Research Grant from the Kansai Research Foundation for Energy and Recycling (KRF)

Prof. Inoue’s research project received a FY2021 experimental research grant. Below is an article published in Denki Shimbun on March 29, 2022.