Analysis of Money Flow Among Firms’ Bank Account (Presumably for the first time in the world)

A cooperate research with banks conducted by Prof. Inoue grasped all flow of money in bank account and summarized results of the analysis. Since the data used in this research have high confidentiality, the research is unprecedented and quite epochal research. Yoshi Fujiwara, Hiroyasu Inoue, Takayuki Yamaguchi, Hideaki Aoyama, Takuma Tanaka, “Money flow network among firms’...

Prof. Inoue’s Research using “Fugaku” was Introduced in Study Meeting of RIKEN.

On 17th Jun, 2020, a study meeting was held for reporters in Center for Computational Science, RIKEN, Japan’s largest comprehensive research institution. Prof. Inoue made an explanation about a series of research which his team conducted with using “Fugaku”, a supercomputer operated by RIKEN. posted by Emiri

First Year Master’s Students Belong to Prof. Inoue’s Laboratory

First year master’s students, Mr. Fujino and Mr. Yamato were assigned to Prof. Inoue’s laboratory. Two students are also doing research which takes computational scientific approach related to society, as well as Prof. Inoue’s laboratory’s previous research. Prof. Inoue commented that, though there might be some difficulties in guidance due to online seminar, he is willing...

Adopted to Research Project for COVID-19

Prof. Inoue was adopted to research project about COVID-19, which University of Hyogo made a public offering. Prof. Inoue’s research related to economic influence by COVID-19 have already been supported by many institutions such as Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, but this budget support by the university can promote further research more....

Invited Lecture at Mason Online Pandemic Modeling Forum

Prof. Inoue was invited to Mason Online Pandemic Modeling Forum, and had a presentation, titled “The propagation of the economic impact through supply chains: The case of a mega-city lockdown against the spread of COVID-19”.  Prof. Inoue was honored to be directly invited by Prof. Robert Axtell, a leading figure in his field. posted by...

Paper was Published on The Japanese Economic Review

Prof. Inoue’s paper, coauthored by Prof. Iino from Niigata University, Prof. Saito and Prof. Todo from Waseda University, was published on The Japanese Economic Review. This research with using world patent data, reveals what kind of network is behind when firms make more valuable inventions or contrivances, by using econometric way. You can access to...

Research was Taken Up by Publicity of University of Hyogo

Prof. Inoue was interviewed by a public relations officer from University  of Hyogo. It was published as an article on Website of the university.The interview was mainly about his research related economic impact by COVID-19.  You can access to the article from the link below. スパコン「富岳」で新型コロナの経済打撃を予測 国内160万社の取引データ基に – ケンダイツウシン 兵庫県立大学通信 posted by Emiri
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